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Date December 28, 1999
Name DJ Frank Morgan
e-Mail djfrankmorgan (at) hotmail.com
Hometown seoul,korea
Comments I Like your style of music. I play progressive house as well.also I just got into MIDI and Hard track recording with PC. I wish I want to send to you some of my mix CDs.and I want to buy or get some of your Mix CDs as well. I like to spin deep - hard to progressive house. Now,I'm in sydney for millenium party "^.^" Have a safe new years eve and Thank you for your Music(I'm listening rollin' now) regards frankie

Date December 26, 1999
e-Mail cityofpicayune (at) usa.com
Hometown Mississippi/Alabama Gulf Coast
Comments Starting to tour again, might need your services.

Date December 26, 1999
Name nikolet
e-Mail niklet (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://www.mp123.com
Comments www.mp123.com - go there to swap MP3s with other people - it's cool, they have this search engine that matches people. I got many MP3s like that.

Date December 24, 1999
e-Mail guff2 (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://www.neoplanet.com
Hometown Canada-nb-moncton
Comments your the best

Date December 24, 1999
e-Mail guff2 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Canada-nb-moncton
Comments your the best

Date December 23, 1999
Name Sexy
e-Mail silver2502 (at) aol.com
Homepage not up yet
Comments i just got into the rave scene. i've been checkin out the sights and downloading some mixes. keep up this web! l8ta l8ta

Date December 23, 1999
Name Sexy
e-Mail silver2502 (at) aol.com
Homepage not up yet
Comments i just got into the rave scene. i've been checkin out the sights and downloading some mixes. keep up this web! l8ta l8ta

Date December 23, 1999
Name Pleasure Head
e-Mail Pleasurhed (at) aol.com
Homepage http://www.pleasurehead.cjb.net
Hometown SmooveGroove Long Island New York!
Comments I saw your tag on my site. Thanks for peeping it out. I have surfed this site many-o-times! Keep up the great work. Peace and mad love form the SmooveGroove Crew...

Date December 22, 1999
Name Tim Koval (empire)
e-Mail tdk77294 (at) aol.com
Hometown binghamton
Comments Hey whats up? I would like one of your cds!!!

Date December 20, 1999
Name General E
e-Mail general-e (at) ravelinks.com
Homepage http://www.ravelinks.com
Hometown USA
Comments nice site!

Date December 16, 1999
Name Sam

Date December 15, 1999
Name osa
e-Mail agoeman (at) usa.net
Hometown beuningen, HOLLAND
Comments goed

Date December 15, 1999
e-Mail orange (at) raverworld.com
Hometown detroit
Comments hello fellow partykid PLUR

Date December 11, 1999
Name Mark and Stacy Wolfe
e-Mail mswolfe1 (at) netzero.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Just wanted to check out your site and say hi! See you at Eclipse over the holidays.

Date December 9, 1999
Name Bobby dee jr.
e-Mail bobbdee1 (at) aol.com
Hometown binghamton
Comments Dukey,Great to hear you on the 1"s and 2"s again. Keep the fingers smokin........I will check you out when I am in the homeytown next. Later...... Bobby Dee Jr.

Date December 4, 1999
Name Joe Sassone aka DJ Sazon
e-Mail djsazon (at) yahoo.com
Hometown NYC
Comments Dukie...you remember me? I went to Johnson City High School with you. Anyway, nice website. You should add some sections for a 5lb bag of carrots. That's it for now. Who loves ya babe?

Date December 1, 1999
Name Chelsea
e-Mail XTC420507579760

Date December 1, 1999
Name MagiK:MilK
e-Mail qapitols (at) post.com
Homepage http://members.xoom.com/ok2go
Hometown Bangor, Maine

Date November 30, 1999
Name '64 ImPaLa
e-Mail hoo-waaa
Homepage http://www.yahoo.com
Hometown long island
Comments bubble 5.0 was fun -- i hope to see many more parties in the future -- i am the best.

Date November 26, 1999
Name Strawberryblade
e-Mail strawberryblade (at) wildmail.com
Homepage http://www.geocities.com/jazziegal_99/StrawberrybladesLatestMp3s.html
Hometown CANADA
Comments AWESOME SITE!!!! Do you have the original version of Everytime-Lustral? Goodluck!!!! Great Mixes!!

Date November 16, 1999
Name ProperDose
e-Mail undergroundsource (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://www.undergroundsource.homepad.com
Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Comments The Definitive Source On Today's Rave & Muzik Scene!

Date November 15, 1999
Name Tamara
e-Mail tempion (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Zagreb,Croatia
Comments Don't know what to say...one of the best sites on the net.Music is fantastic,thank you for it!!!! Keep doing good job and good luck with dj-ing. (I'd love to hear "Meltdown-Lunatic Asylum" in one of your great mixes)

Date November 15, 1999
Name Dj Extreme
e-Mail djextrem (at) casema.net
Homepage http://members.prodj.com/djextreme
Hometown Rotterdam ( Holland )
Comments Hi there , nice site , KEEP GOING ! Ps. Please feel free to visit my other site's : 1) http://members.xoom.it/djextreme 2) http://members.xoom.com/DjExtreme_NL Well, you can find me on ICQ #49342888 . Stay tuned! See ya, Ciao.

Date November 9, 1999
Name Pav Veselov
e-Mail pav.veselov (at) planetmail.com
Hometown Leicester, UK
Comments Very nice man! Particularly liked the "Born Slippy" Remix.

Date November 8, 1999
Name Chip
Hometown tx
Comments yo 420

Date November 8, 1999
Name Chris O.
e-Mail drinker90 (at) aol.com
Hometown Used to be Queens now Binghamton
Comments Phat SiTE!

Date November 4, 1999
Name Angel Griego
e-Mail rosiewae
Hometown flagstaff
Comments phatt site..... rollin is rockin

Date November 3, 1999
e-Mail iamcorrupt (at) yahoo.com
Comments Phat site y0,I like da pics....pe@ce.....RRPT

Date November 2, 1999
Name john mets AKA the kandy kid
e-Mail l2ra64 (at) home.com
Hometown San diego ca

Date November 1, 1999
Name jason" integra" adams
e-Mail jaa3114 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown tallahassee
Comments loved rollin' coming to tally anytime soon? wish you were keep it up, peace

Date October 30, 1999
Name DJ Reese "T"
e-Mail ReeseTee1 (at) aol.com
Hometown Bingo!!!
Comments Rollin' is Phat as HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

Date October 30, 1999
Name Brandon Kindred AKA DJ BeeKay
e-Mail bkindred (at) coloradosat.com
Hometown Rochester, NY
Comments What's up Duke!

Date October 28, 1999
Name owen the soyboy / half of Point Alpha
e-Mail owen_the_soyboy (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Rochester, NY
Comments Mr DUKE!!!! This site is so well put together! I am overwhelmed that the whole background, the amount of pix, the layout, the cleanliness and order is fantastic. I have to say I remember meeting you briefly at the Binghamton event we played. I had fun once we figured out our e.q. deal. I have to say thanks for setting up our photo, and hope to see you soon! ps, I may get my ZINE off the ground soon, do you want to do a top ten list, or an article? Boy Wonder gave me a list already... see ya!

Date October 27, 1999
Name Jesse
e-Mail jstrauch (at) stny.rr.com
Hometown NyNy
Comments Duky whats up man, just got online at my house so I thought I would drop a line. If ya want e-mail later. Downloaded rollin its awesome man!!!!

Date October 19, 1999
Name sinzbad
e-Mail sinzbad (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Tampa FL.
Comments awesome page and awesome music, i like the links page too. you cannot get good techno around Tampa FL except over the internet the satellite channels or 93.3 fm on fridays and saturday nights keep up the good work. peace

Date October 19, 1999
Name Mike Matthews
e-Mail KNOXZ9 (at) aol.net
Hometown Chicago/Schaumburg
Comments Yo Duke, Whatz up, I think you have some tight ideas! I want to get involved.

Date October 19, 1999
e-Mail YAKOO1 (at) aol.com
Homepage http://www.angelfire.com/ny3/yakoomarktwo
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments What's up people. I'm glad I finally found some kids who appreciate GOOD TECHNO. Aren't we ALL SICK OF THE EX-CHEERLEADER-TURNED-RAVER THING going on? If we don't watch out, rave is saturated, and then it's too late. check the samples on my site. tell me what you think

Date October 16, 1999
e-Mail ROBS95 (at) hotmail.com
Comments Hi, you all there keep on partying for ever. ACID, (psychadelic)TECHNO,goa-trance, magic mushrooms, marihuana and many more, like you!! is fine by me. You all let see that the underground scene lives. Holland is tha place with much big, fat ilegal partys you ever must join. If you want to contact me you just must mail. Thanx you all and my brothers!!!!! Bye, see, ya parying here!!!!!!!

Date October 11, 1999
Name Psykotik
e-Mail Psykotik13 (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://psykotik.nu
Hometown Underground
Comments Check out the site, tell me what you think. It is a mobile site only up at night, but you will be able to download some of the HARDEST techno tracks around. Requests are more than welcome use the e-mail above MjDuke...Your site gets better everytime I come by

Date October 6, 1999
Name Cherae Caruthers
e-Mail kdgrl98 (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Naples, FL
Comments Your web page kicks ass!

Date October 4, 1999
Name David Williams (Drop Squad0
e-Mail bf18266 (at) Binghamton.edu
Hometown MAnhattan
Comments Mj you are the man. You better hook up the 607 web page or I'am gonna get on your ass. Keep me posted on the new CD's dogz. Take care.

Date September 30, 1999
Name vision
Hometown binghamton
Comments just vision 2000 nothing else said

Date September 24, 1999
Name DJSaneR
e-Mail ULuvItBch (at) beer.com
Homepage http://www.girlsareweird.com/djsaner
Hometown Hartford
Comments Great page!!!! I listen to your mixes all day during work. It's the only thing that gets me by.........well this and about 8 cups of coffee. Keep Rollin' -DJSaneR

Date September 23, 1999
Name suraklin
e-Mail spriseris (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Tampa Bay area.. Florida
Comments All i can say is.. holy shit. first soulfusion, then xperience, then rollin'.. at this rate my brain will melt.

Date September 22, 1999
Name Skip Daddy
e-Mail voodoo99_99 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Seattle
Comments I want to send a shout out to the big daddy Donald Glaude. The only Speaker Phreaker. Good sh!!. D.

Date September 16, 1999
Name Phason
e-Mail claw_13 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown NYC
Comments Just checking what your up to, haven't seen you in a while, where ya hiding mate? The new mix is yet another fine blend... PLUR

Date September 1, 1999
Name John :)
e-Mail Ambient20 (at) aol.com
Hometown Gainesville
Comments Great Site. Excellent Music. It's really a beautiful feeling when you find others in this big world that appreciate the same things. Thanks and PLUR :)

Date August 29, 1999
Name Justin
e-Mail Miamimix99
Hometown Endicott
Comments Awesome page of mixes Duke!! Keep it up and to everyone out there keep the techno spinning!!!!

Date August 29, 1999
Name chloe
e-Mail jhm371 (at) msn.com
Hometown ravenna,oh
Comments I think that's it's really cool people are starting to appreciate phat music and it's nice to know there's so many other people that love the underground scene as much as me. If you need info or have info on any future party get ahold of me. Peace and Love to all.

Date August 29, 1999
Name Mika Hietaharju
e-Mail mikahie (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Helsinki, Finland
Comments Hi there! Would some one want to trade flyers with me? :) I can trade Finnish, Swedish and English rave flyers... If you are interested, contact me! : ps. nice page..

Date August 28, 1999
Name Carrie
e-Mail LitleCare (at) aol.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY

Date August 27, 1999
Name niklas
Comments Hi mjDUKE!!!! I really love your records, I like the " The EFX MegaMixx Inside Out" best, please make a mp3 of so I can listen to it in my car.

Date August 25, 1999
Name dolbi
e-Mail dolbi (at) tane.net
Homepage http://www.tane.net/~dolbi
Comments surfin through the webring....

Date August 24, 1999
Name dave jozefczyk aka dj depth . . . .
e-Mail etproductions (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://etproductions.cjb.net
Hometown originally = utica, ny recently = hoboken, nj
Comments greetings. just wanted to give you props on your page and your work. hope all goes well with your future endevours. last time i saw you was at bubble during the halloween of 98 in syracuse, phat set. hope our crew unites w/ you sometime in the future. the upstate vibe will always be in my blood!! peace . . . . dave

Date August 16, 1999
Name jon
Hometown Johnson City, New Yrk
Comments site is pretty cool, know your relatives!

Date August 14, 1999
Name mjDUKE
e-Mail dj (at) mjDUKE.com
Homepage http://www.twiloclub.com
Hometown Queens, NY
Comments Big shout out to Paul Van Dyk ripping it up at Twilo last night. Also props to all the NY club kids, everybody was very cool.

Date August 14, 1999
Name SmackDoWn
e-Mail smackdown_news (at) smackdownnews.itgo.com
Homepage http://www.pagemagiq.com
Hometown Endicott
Comments Hey. nice site u got here. everybody check out my pages. Smackdown News (Wrestling news site) ~ http://www.smackdownnews.itgo.com and Page Magiq (Not done yet and I don't think the link works yet.)(A web page building site.) ~ http://www.pagemagiq.com <font color=green><I><U>L<b>8</b>r. ya'll$.</i></u></font>

Date August 13, 1999
e-Mail djpq (at) mailcity.com
Hometown Tha Cutz
Comments Yo nice site Duke!! keep that House music bangin'.....peace.pq

Date August 10, 1999
Name HeLeN
e-Mail s1llee (at) aol.com
Hometown JeRzEe
Comments this is a really kool site. keep tha P*L*U*R* and always remember that RaVaHz R #1!!!

Date August 10, 1999
Name Chris
e-Mail oaksinc (at) excite.com
Hometown There's a lot of 'em
Comments Ive been to parties you've played at. You're pretty rad.

Date August 8, 1999
Name jenoh
e-Mail ohmeister (at) aol.com
Comments Yesterday is the past. Tomorrow is the future. Today is a gift; That is why it's called "the present."

Date August 7, 1999
Name BW and Juniper
Hometown Bingaling
Comments Dukazoid-wassup.

Date August 5, 1999
Name jenn p.
e-Mail jpoutiatine (at) mindspring.com
Hometown was Albany NY now Melbourne Fl
Comments i miss all my old freinds upstate and the parties we had. you all are not missing anything down here. hope to come back up there soon.

Date August 3, 1999
Name ERK
e-Mail YouRHereX (at) aol.com
Hometown St. Louis
Comments October 2...need I say more.

Date August 2, 1999
Name jellybean
e-Mail crackhead_no1 (at) hotmail
Hometown chattanooga,tn

Date August 2, 1999
Name jellybean
e-Mail crackhead_no1
Hometown chattanooga,tn

Date July 30, 1999
Name Dado
e-Mail dado666 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Sarajevo, Bosnia
Comments Great mixes, great music...everything...

Date July 27, 1999
Name jenoh & BW
e-Mail ohmeister (at) aol.com
Comments dukieeeeeeeeeee where R U ?

Date July 27, 1999
Name Phason
e-Mail claw_13 (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://still.workin.on.it
Hometown Binghamton (for now)
Comments Shouts to Duke another fine mix! Just a note to Binghamton area electro-scene, a wax-melter at The Empire Club is spreading some good vibes, typically Saturday nights after the witching hour. Check it out before they bring another good thing to an end! PLUR....

Date July 15, 1999
Name Justin Sane
e-Mail psykotique (at) collegeclub.com
Homepage http://mypage.goplay.com/psykotik/
Hometown =)
Comments Wow......really nice page man! Come check mine out sometime!

Date July 15, 1999
Name Morris LeCatt
e-Mail contactmorris (at) msn.com
Homepage http://www.watchfrogweb.com
Hometown Miami, Florida
Comments You have some great ideas and an ideal ear for the sound of music. Thanks. Morris LeCatt

Date July 11, 1999
Name JAson adams
e-Mail Jaa3114 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Tallahassee ,Fl
Comments great stuff, just what I have been looking for

Date July 7, 1999
Name Scottie B
e-Mail dankmail (at) yahoo.com
Homepage http://dankfunk.cjb.net
Hometown reprazentin syracuse baybee
Comments Yo, thought I'd say whasup; Duke like tha page as usual. If y'all don't know, peep EclecTech Productions at http://etproductions.cjb.net (New Webiste...:) Peace and love, all. easy....

Date July 5, 1999
Name Mary
e-Mail Gingerberry4 (at) mailcity.com
Hometown Houston, TX
Comments Hey man... just looking around for some cool raves and little accessories to go with it. Let me in on some news if you hear anything that could come around to some use for me, k? That goes for anybody. Feel free to email me with any word on events comin' my way or cool stuff. Talk to ya later, kiddos! Adios! ~~ *mary* ~~

Date July 3, 1999
Name vivian chavez
Hometown Phoenix

Date July 2, 1999
Name Cisco
e-Mail kx816 (at) aol.com
Comments PHat page. What up to my folks, what up to frisko, what up to all the fine hunnies, what up to all the people in raveland, Usa.

Date June 29, 1999
Name Katie Mihalko
e-Mail jcjazz3 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Johnson City NY
Comments Hey Duke! Remember Me? Amys little Sister...Sorry about the fox40 bios! The sites not bad!

Date June 27, 1999
Name PEIK from LIMA
e-Mail paco2k (at) hushmail.com
Comments gracias por la pagina!! peik from lima

Date June 22, 1999
Name medusa
Hometown Brooklyn
Comments Dukie waz up? I'm at boonies!! Where disaster strikes. Miss you much, going to work soon. We gotta plan that trip to DC. Anyway tell Jess I miss her and send my love. love u, maria l PS. u gotta change that picture!!!

Date June 22, 1999
Name renee a.k.a.rea-rea
e-Mail rea_rea69 (at) yahoo.com
Hometown representin syracuse and the upstate massive
Comments whatz up to all the binghamton crew!! keep it real,be safe:) represent!!!!!

Date June 22, 1999
Name DJ-Kemp
e-Mail Con_fuzion (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://etproductions.cjb.net
Hometown Park ridge
Comments Just wanted to say wut up.. Nice page man =]

Date June 21, 1999
Name ESAD.
Homepage http://BELLSOUTH.NET
Hometown ATL
Comments The site is phatt. Ranks an 8.5 out of 10 on a serious note! Simplicity sells. Sometimes the mad scientist gets in the way of your kewl site. It is a bit much at times. oKItMIGHTbeJUSTme, but thanks for being out there for me to see. A 10 of 10 for that. Business looks good from your point of view. Much success the rest of 1999. ESAD AND OUT! P * E * A * C * E

Date June 17, 1999
Name BabiEsitter
e-Mail ravinkande (at) aol.com
Hometown glendale,az
Comments Well besides the fact I like your page and stuff I wanted to say thank whoever for bringing this kind of music into the world. All i listen to is happy hardcore. Well Latez people...

Date June 17, 1999
Name anella
e-Mail anella (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Comments Hey, I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!!! I hope to make it over there at the end of the year.....make sure there's people over there ready to PARTY!! P*L*U*R, Anella

Date June 12, 1999
Hometown Middletown, NY
Comments Sorry I didn't get the chance to see it sooner guys, but keep up the good work. This page is definitely keepin' it real. Daytripper#1 and I'm out, Peace!!! Raveeternalllll

Date June 3, 1999
Name The Pendragon
e-Mail The_Pendragon (at) pcsrock.com
Homepage http://anime.at/thependragon
Hometown E-ville
Comments Hey, you've got some great music here! That one MP3 is huge! Holy cow! 34,543Kb i think! Really cool site too. You can tell a lot of work went into it. :)

Date May 27, 1999
Name dj indica
e-Mail sweetleafprod (at) videotron.ca
Homepage http://pages.infinit.net/slp/
Hometown Montreal
Comments hey if you wanna see dose the alien in montreal (great pix) go to my web site and by the way luc vero pop-eye and jasper say a big hello to drew and jilly bye

Date May 26, 1999
Name Zexyz
e-Mail zexyz (at) zexyz.nimh.org
Homepage http://zexyz.nimh.org
Hometown Home?
Comments From the Begginning to Middle to the @#&%* End, this site is mighty and I am forever owned by you. Never Stop

Date May 26, 1999
Name TONY(popeye)
e-Mail antonioortiz13 (at) hotmail

Date May 26, 1999
Name moira
e-Mail blugrl1 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown New York, NY
Comments still rockin... looking for a strong island hook. email possibilities!!!!! PLURPLURPLUR

Date May 26, 1999
Name 'Ace'
Hometown Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Comments I downloaded the Soul Fusion mix, and it's great!

Date May 25, 1999
Name Casey
e-Mail crewkc222 (at) aol.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments about that studs thing...i was just kidding. see you guys on thursday, good luck drew, dan, and pat.

Date May 24, 1999
Name jon
e-Mail cokeheadhipster (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Kobe, Japan
Comments I loved your flyer Archive, it gave me ideas for the stuff I do over here.

Date May 22, 1999
Name Sassone
e-Mail djsaon (at) hotmail.com
Hometown New York, NY
Comments dukieeee, sup to the bingo boys? Talked to Spinna...that boy is blowing up big time! He's signed a deal with Tommy Boy...and he's djing all over Europe. Little homeboy! support da undaground baby!

Date May 22, 1999
Name sailor x-sta-c
e-Mail x-sta-c-tech-girl (at) chickmail.com
Hometown phoenix
Comments i love the page. we have a lot of raves out here and this music would be great to have at least one of them. we have dj pepsi and dj lego which are great but hey ne ways. love the page.

Date May 21, 1999
Name Casey
e-Mail CrewKC222 (at) aol.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments wow. all of you are studs. in any case, it was nice seeing everyone on thursday, i'm hoping to see more of you kids next thursday at the underground. for an obscure town, binghamton has some fun kids who really know how to throw a good party... casey

Date May 21, 1999
Name Unda-Kova
e-Mail Bf18266 (at) Binghamton.edu
Hometown Manhattan(L.E.S)
Comments Soul Fusion is currently the only techno tape I enjoy in 1999. Thanks a million mj, you complete me.

Date May 18, 1999
Name Minister Claw
e-Mail claw_13 (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://not.yet.okay
Hometown Too many 2 Name
Comments Soul Fusion is the BOMB!...good show, ol'chap Keep'em comin, share a little vibe with the rest of the world..... peace

Date May 18, 1999
Name yo sista
Comments Hey Mikey Jim....I always knew you had the talent & desire. I just never realized how GOOD your stuff is !! Keep at it bro - I hope someone hears it & makes you famous. You deserve the best. Luv ya bushels & a peck ! Doodsa

Date May 13, 1999
Name trixie
Hometown livonia New York
Comments cool site techno rocks!!!

Date May 11, 1999
Name Alias: Dlago
e-Mail Dlago (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://www.homestead.com/SaberCow/Main.html
Hometown Cali. Sacremento
Comments This is the best Rave page ever!!!! Major props from a Extreamer to mjDuke and crew.

Date May 6, 1999
Name Claudio (ICQ 37498777)
e-Mail claudio (at) lol.com.br
Hometown Brazil
Comments It's a very very cool site and you are "Simply The Best". Loved your RealPlayer collection.

Date May 6, 1999
Name Web-Spinner
e-Mail phuture_808 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Gothenburg
Comments Nice pagery, nice photos, nice everything =^o^=

Date May 5, 1999
Name Jesse Strauch
e-Mail artmission (at) aol.com or zstrauch (at) netscape.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Dukey Baby, 1st chance to see the site verycool I have a possible job for you, give me a price to do a web page for a new non-profit organization called the art mission. I'll talk to you about it more at the bar but these are friends of mine so give me a good price huh? Any way don't forget glowsticks for this weekend!!!!

Date May 5, 1999
Name TranceSolo
e-Mail Trance (at) brainlink.com
Hometown New York, NY
Comments Great site. Took me a few days to find this site but it was worth it. Bravo. I hope you put more MP3 on this site, sounds allot better. Love the ISDN connection you have. Keep it up Ill pass the news

Date April 26, 1999
Name Colin Hargreaves (Dj Synchro)
e-Mail colin_bud_e (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Ottawa, Ontario - CANADA
Comments Just checking the site to see if you guys had posted any of the sets from Bubble 4.0 (mar20) I had a real fun time in Binghampton and it seemed as if my house style was appreciated.Keep me posted for future events and also leave me an address where I can send my new tape. PEACE!

Date April 25, 1999
Name mike best
e-Mail best (at) worldpath.net
Homepage http://www.worldpath.net/~best
Hometown Wolfeboro, NH
Comments Duke, the site looks nice and sounds nice. I wanna hear your mixes too. Jordan's are nice though. I'm at a friends housesitting that's how I can hear the mixes, gonna upgrade my modem to 56k soon now. happy spinning...

Date April 23, 1999
Name Tata Marie
Hometown Arcata, CA
Comments Cruz on forever my fellow Ravers!! - P.L.U.R till you drop!! Huge Hugs for All...

Date April 22, 1999
Name richard raver rivas
Hometown san jose ca.

Date April 22, 1999
Name tone
e-Mail toekneec3 (at) mailexcite.com
Hometown puebs

Date April 22, 1999
Name JAvier Dominguez Gomez
e-Mail 951246 (at) ichthus-rdam.nl
Homepage http://2DJ.virtualave.ner
Hometown Rotterdam
Comments YO, your site is coolamundo. Good job! Please visit my site and listen to my selfmade trance/rave/techno mp'3 site:http://2DJ.virtualave.net

Date April 22, 1999
Name laura
e-Mail psychosexi (at) hotmail.com
Hometown gainesville, fl
Comments reminds of the great days at SIMONS a few years ago. long live the techno junkie...

Date April 21, 1999
Name Gus
e-Mail gusadelic (at) dakotacom.net
Homepage http://www.dakotacom.net/~gusadelic
Hometown Tucson, AZ
Comments Dude! I have to say that you are doing a tremendous service to the internet. Just wanted to thank you! Peace Out, Gus.

Date April 10, 1999
Name Raynne
e-Mail mistressmeow (at) webtv.net
Hometown Sirius
Comments Meow! I like it!

Date April 9, 1999
Name Marci Pranes and Terry Burke (Music Workshop)
e-Mail PhoneBimbo (at) aol.com
Hometown Apalachin, NY (Endicott)
Comments Don't have our page up... YET! Just stopped by for a "visit." Had fun, gotta run!

Date April 3, 1999
Name Dy_Matrix
e-Mail solidsnake1 (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://members.xoom.com/hungrywolf
Hometown GARLAND, TX
Comments huhuh mjDuke... nuff said ur MeGAMixES ar PHAT!!!!! BubBlE CreW Rox All!!! --([-_-])--

Date March 31, 1999
Name wade ryer
e-Mail wade (at) waderyer.com
Homepage http://www.waderyer.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments hay dukester! the new soul fusion rawks tha hiznouse!!!

Date March 30, 1999
Name emphatech
e-Mail hairypudding (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments When are you going to post photos and other stuff from 4.0? Since I was volunteered by the powers that be to run the afterhours, you don't have any recording of my performance. email me to get a tape or something if you want a sample from every performer. In fact any promoter that is reading this invited to email me for a tape and I will get back to you.

Date March 26, 1999
Name Hargitay
e-Mail gretsky (at) mail.elender.hu
Hometown Hungary
Comments Remember that new year party in club Patex? It was the one of my best partys in my life.Thank you for the autogram!

Date March 26, 1999
Name Stasher
e-Mail stasher (at) telusplanet.net
Hometown AB,canada
Comments Awesome site...real audio mixes are kicking..enjoyed the old ones..the sounds bring back good times :)Keep bringin the mp3's ...watch for ya on icq....keep it kewl ;~>

Date March 26, 1999
Name Pat Joyce
Hometown Syracuse, NY
Comments Great party on sat. (bubble) the sets made me sweat and the lighting was pleasent keep them coming and I will keep going, Way to keep it live Also miss Bianka relley helped when I peaked much love

Date March 22, 1999
Name Xymox
e-Mail xymox007 (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Field/1117
Hometown Eastcoast
Comments Nice collection of flyers and all very good quality scans too!

Date March 22, 1999
Name House Fan
e-Mail s2hsingh (at) titan.vcu.edu
Hometown Woodbridge, VA
Comments thanks for this phat ass site mj. this shit kicks ass. i can just download ur music and throw a party at my apartment...phaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Date March 11, 1999
Name Katie B.
e-Mail trixster17 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Denver,Colorado
Comments Hey MjDuke----> When are you comming to Colorado? You should come play in Denver, they don't call it the Mile High for nothing!! :p

Date March 11, 1999
Name DJ Indica
e-Mail djindica (at) yahoo.com
Homepage http://pages.infinit.net/slp/
Hometown Montreal Quebec
Comments hi thanks for the link by the way if somebody interest to come in Montreal for EMBRYON May 15 99,please e-mail us for a special price,for the style of music ask Dose The Alien(Andrew)he was there at moonlight(quebec city),Hard acid all the way (totaly dance floor) bye bye for now Indica

Date March 8, 1999
Name carrie
e-Mail cari789 (at) aol.com
Hometown Cocoa Fl.

Date March 7, 1999
e-Mail Psykotik (at) coolnet.com
Comments UIN 22180501

Date March 6, 1999
Name Samantha Kiefer
e-Mail DrIzzAl (at) hotmail.com
Comments @--<<---

Date March 6, 1999
Name Val
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Duke, What's up? The site looks great. I love the pictures of everyone. I'm looking forward to the ones from Bubble aniversary. Talk to ya later.

Date March 6, 1999
Name sean rick kelly
Hometown i"m in Chapel Hill, NC now.
Comments Big Duke, what's going on? I was in Dem's site and came across your name and thought I would stop by yours. Great site. I really enjoy the real audio stuff. well I'm at work so got to go. Talk to you later. Take care

Date March 2, 1999
Name dJ MartyMcFly
e-Mail djmcfly (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://www.connection.com/~djmcfly
Hometown Toronto, Canada
Comments Hey BUBBLE MAsSiVE, shouts out to whom ever lent me a pair of head phone in Quebec CIty last valentines day. THANKS SOOoOoOoOoO Much ! I hope I didnt bend them too crazy like.. happy raving & hope your party goes off.... it has too... thats my birthday weekend.. every party everywhere goes off on my birthday... Rave-On

Date March 2, 1999
Name dj indica
e-Mail sweetleafprod (at) videotron.ca
Homepage http://pages.infinit.net/slp/
Hometown montreal
Comments hey you do a mistake about sweet leaf link the adress are http://pages.infinit.net/slp/ by the way i really pissed up that for me its impossible to pass the border to play at your party a big hello to dose the alien and jilly dj Indica mtl

Date March 1, 1999
Name DayveeB
e-Mail DayveeeB (at) AOL.COM
Homepage http://freeyellow.com/members6/ticproductions/index.html
Hometown Albany, NY
Comments Duke, The page is lookin' nice. Keep representing upstate. 99' is definitely our year. Check out the TIC Productions web page. Peace, Dayvee B.

Date March 1, 1999
Name Theresa
e-Mail likuidsky9 (at) aol.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments wow!!! Looking good since i was last home 1997. Now in Phoenix, AZ...sure do miss that "upstate groove"!! How sweet it is...anyways hello to everyone from way out here!!!

Date February 27, 1999
Name DJ Sazon
e-Mail sazon98 (at) aol.com
Hometown Hoboken, NJ
Comments Hey dukie, play those undaground soundz baby! Sazon saying wassup to all my peeps in the Southern Tier. I miss ya all!

Date February 27, 1999
Name Jay
e-Mail j.delaney (at) home.com
Hometown Nashville, TN
Comments cool site!

Date February 26, 1999
Name energy52
e-Mail ene52 (at) hotmail.com
Comments Hmmmm, realy good, I can sell these songs to the music shops, :), bye.

Date February 26, 1999
Name RO3
e-Mail WALKINGBAKED (at) hotmail.com
Hometown USA
Comments peace.

Date February 26, 1999
Name moira
e-Mail blugrl1 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown all ova
Comments plur,plur,plur,kittykat stylie... aka maggie magoo... missing bubble par-tays the most. happy 4th to the crew!!! hope all are well and lovin'it. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Date February 24, 1999
Name Rita
e-Mail rj924 (at) epix.net
Comments Hi Duke, just checking in to see what you are up to. Keep up the fun stuff, we are not getting any younger.

Date February 22, 1999
Name mike acqusito
e-Mail msa17 (at) cornell.edu
Homepage http://www.decolounge.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments check out the all new deco lounge....

Date February 21, 1999
Name Tristan
e-Mail tristanraab (at) juno.com
Homepage http://www.freeyelow.com/members6/ticproductions
Hometown Troy and Albany
Comments Sean...if your talking about "Heads", it was more like a party. If you can get a chance go down to the city for a rave, it'll blow your mind!

Date February 20, 1999
Name Sean
e-Mail sean (at) pipelinecommunications.net
Hometown Albany, NY
Comments Phatty Site! Experienced my first rave last night, NEVER GONNA BE THE SAME!! :-) Peace out to Peggy & Terry 4 makin' it EXTRA real! <-- :-) L8TRZ!

Date February 18, 1999
Name Christina Gregus
e-Mail Buttonsbut
Hometown Beach Haven
Comments I want all the info you can send me please

Date February 18, 1999
Name mb
e-Mail mbreuer (at) breuer.com
Hometown boston
Comments boston's back in full force baby...

Date February 16, 1999
e-Mail TRIX300 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Rocoestyle N.Y.
Comments Have been waiting for something like this. No need for drive to city now. What!!!

Date February 16, 1999
Name Erin McCaffrey
e-Mail bg25538 (at) binghamton.edu
Hometown Spring Valley Ny
Comments When I came up here for school last semester I thought I was going to shoot myself b/c of withdrawl from the New York City scene, but now I can look foward to my first upstate rave!! I hope it's good! See you on the dance floor!! plur

Date February 11, 1999
Name Bob
e-Mail Tiggerama (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Endicott, NY
Comments Wow, Did i just hear that?!

Date February 8, 1999
Name kelly
e-Mail goggie (at) aol.com
Hometown Newark Valley
Comments keep the parties rockin. they're wonderful. the dj's are doing a great job to keep the scene alive and well. Well done

Date February 7, 1999
Name Jeff
e-Mail ctvibe (at) javanet.com
Homepage http://javanet.com/~ctvibe
Hometown c T r E p R e S e N t I n'
Comments i think this site is well done, and brings back a feel for the way the scene used to be. i've only been to one "upstate" party (earth). i'm a former CT party goer, who wants to bring BACK THE VIBE!!

Date February 7, 1999
Name Laurisa
e-Mail risabugg (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Melbourne, Fl
Comments pHaT siTe......=0) P*L*U*R*

Date February 4, 1999
Name Manny
e-Mail Evildead_24 (at) geocities.com
Homepage http://geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Bistro/3272/
Hometown New Jersey
Comments Hey, nice work you have here!!!

Date February 3, 1999
Name Happy Jenn
e-Mail jenn_peters (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Caledon
Comments Rave on my happy little ravers!! P.L.U.R forever and dance till you drop!!!! xoxoxo hugz and kisses!!!

Date February 3, 1999
Name Jessica Howard
e-Mail giggles (at) netscape.net
Hometown Tacoma Wa.
Comments Cool page keep rockin and never stop partying.

Date February 3, 1999
Name anella
e-Mail anella (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Comments Love the web page.... could you please send me more info about your real audio. email anella@hotmail.com

Date January 31, 1999
Name leon
e-Mail j3rky (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://hypersonic-pc.com
Hometown Queens, NY
Comments cool site, love trance and oldschool techno.

Date January 31, 1999
Name david monington
e-Mail defcon1200 (at) hotmail
Hometown ithaca

Date January 28, 1999
Name Kossi P
e-Mail kos (at) pixeltech.com.au
Hometown Melbourne. Australia
Comments Wow! Original and fun site! About time! Keep up the Rave... ***BlackOut***

Date January 25, 1999
Hometown ALBANY, NY
Comments Peace, Love, Unity, Respect RAVE ON RAVE ON RAVE ON RAVE ON

Date January 21, 1999
Name david m lewis
e-Mail hairypudding (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments ekud is duke spelled backwards.

Date January 20, 1999
Name Eric Watson
e-Mail Watson611 (at) Yahoo.com

Date January 18, 1999
Name puffy
e-Mail volskyk (at) yahoo.com
Comments props 2 doug, mercedes, happee grrl and the rest of albany. Drew, (not dose) i'll get ahold of ya this week. tell me what's going on that way. peace 4 99 puffy

Date January 17, 1999
Name Dieter Vaadblaer
e-Mail dieter (at) vaadblauer.com
Hometown Duesseldorf, Deutschland
Comments Hey Guenther... heurl schpeed ahhead ja Beste gruesse...

Date January 13, 1999
Name Patrik Pettersson (Dj.Syntaax)
e-Mail raver (at) earthdome.com
Homepage http://www.tommzan.flum.org/rave
Hometown Gothenburg
Comments Nice pictures!!! The whole sight is f****ng great! My homepage are gonna change adress soon! Syntaax

Date January 11, 1999
Name babybutterfly
e-Mail babybutterfly4 (at) juno.com
Hometown Lakeland, FL
Comments Let's keep it real! PLUR *HUGZ* to DJ m.j. DUKE

Date January 10, 1999
Name Norman C
e-Mail Craandaddy (at) aol.com
Hometown Miami
Comments beautiful music's man i will always back you up bros. good job man, continue doing a good job. good luck bros.

Date January 8, 1999
Name dj SUPER D
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments DUKE is GOD!! :)

Date January 7, 1999
Name Domino
e-Mail Dominoner (at) aol.com
Hometown New York, NY

Date January 2, 1999
Name mjDUKE
e-Mail dj (at) mjDUKE.com
Comments Welcome to 1999! Older guestbook entries can be viewed by clicking the 1998 and 1997 hyperlinks above.

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