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Date December 31, 2005
Name Mac
e-Mail Mac (at) HouseMusicLinks.com
Homepage http://www.HouseMusicLinks.com
Hometown South Beach
Comments We liked the site and decided to promote it on: http://www.HouseMusicLinks.com House Music Links promotes DJ websites and their mixes offering one place for those looking to download fresh new music mixes. www.HouseMusicLinks.com where DJs promote and seekers find the hottest mixes on the web. Welcome!

Date December 30, 2005
Name B
e-Mail VConrad (at) stny.rr.com
Comments Can't seem to email out to you, but I was looking to see what's up Saturday night... Please don't say Empire. Whats the afterhours people up to? Give me a email if ya can MJD! Peace all... Have a safe New Years!!

Date December 27, 2005
Name Mark Paradise
e-Mail mark (at) loveshy007.com
Homepage http://loveshy007.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments HEY Mister D.J. !! Happy Christmas, Merry New Year. 1996 is coming all too soon !! Oops, I meant 2006... Wow, time flies. What a bunch of Yada Yada Yada !! Ears were at attention when you rocked the clubs in ancient dayz !! May 2006 be another "ROCK their SOCKS off" kinda Year !! (What's in May??) You ROCK !! Merry New Year... Ho ho ho !!

Date December 25, 2005
Name Dan Burton
Hometown Arlington, OR

Date December 12, 2005
Name Jonathan Craig
e-Mail jonathan (at) cuddlebearclub.net
Comments I believe that we should never pollute the ocean because it would harm all the fish. Fishing is also an act of murder as well! So make sure that you don't put your rubbish in the sea or down a drain because it is very dangerous for all the little fish. Always put your rubbish in the bin. I also believe that watching the Simpsons and listening to Avril Laveen and Brittany Spears is very bad. Never watch the Simpsons or the Rugrats because they are silly shows. Listen to Patsy Cline. She's got this really good song out now called Walkin' After Midnight and I absolutely love it! I'm sure that all the other kids at school love it as well!

Date November 7, 2005
Name ben richardson
e-Mail dj_motion1 (at) yahoo.co.uk
Hometown newcastle

Date October 31, 2005
Name mj
Comments Coming soooon!

Date October 31, 2005
Name Throwthegame
Hometown Chicago
Comments I wish DJ MJ Duke would release another mix. Is he still DJing?

Date October 11, 2005
Name web music
e-Mail wow (at) cow.com
Homepage http://www.chrisranjana.com
Hometown Web developers in India
Comments Hi All Excellent music website aint it ! Cool website created by web developer I guess !

Date October 6, 2005
Name Paola management
e-Mail electrotrenofansclub (at) yahoo.it
Homepage http://www.ninopipito.com
Hometown Naples - Italy
Comments Hello Peopleeee!!! You can listen a spectacular Techno Hardstyle Scratch set-mix from: http://www.ninopipito.it/hardstyle.htm Ciaooo from Italyyy Paola.

Date September 27, 2005
Name Adv
Homepage http://www.robertgitelman.com
Hometown Israel
Comments Hi ppl! Welcome to the new website of DJ Robert Gitelman

Date September 22, 2005
Comments wer iz the music

Date September 20, 2005
Name luke
e-Mail margaret.brough (at) btopenworld.com
Hometown newcastle
Comments hello can anyone with the following vinyls for sale let me know asap and I will buy them goodbytes-only you-code zombie-dont speak prezioso-anybody anyway-inprogress da blitz-i belive-inprogress dee singer-i promised myself-uptempo please let me know if you wish to sell any of these thanks luke

Date August 22, 2005
Name Henry
e-Mail henryspc (at) yahoo.com
Homepage http://members.lycos.nl/francefr/mp3/
Comments nice music!

Date August 12, 2005
Name American_Prince
e-Mail cjfish (at) o2.pl
Homepage http://cjfish.mp3.com.pl
Hometown poland
Comments more moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mp3 please ;)

Date August 11, 2005
Name jason aka dejasun
e-Mail dejasun (at) gmail.com
Hometown denver, co
Comments the earth orbits the sun, and the wind returns to it's circuits, you are a dj and make beutiful music. Don't you stop!!!!! never deny who you are a music maker. just want to encourage you keep goin cus this is wut you do and I thinks it's great :)

Date July 2, 2005
Name J&S Project
e-Mail cvitaliano (at) email.it
Homepage http://www.jsrecords.com
Hometown Naples
Comments Hi friend your site is very good!! J&S project is born from the merger of the musical experiences of a DJ, Tony S, aka Antonio Smaldone, and of a musician Angel J, aka Angelo Vitaliano. The crossover between grooves "Old School" and electric resonance carried it to the idea of the J&S. Best regards from italy

Date June 25, 2005
Name Dj Spark-e
Homepage http://www.djspark-e.com
Comments Very good website

Date June 2, 2005
Name Believer
Homepage http://www.kemotheblaxican.com
Comments Sweet Site. Spreading the word about my favorite artist Kemo the Blaxican. Afer fifteen years with his former band Delinqeunt Habits, Kemo has released his solo album titled "simple plan" The album is positive, genuine hip hop. Solid lyrics and sick beats. check it.

Date June 2, 2005
e-Mail clubrat20 (at) yahoo.com
Hometown H-town Pennsylvania
Comments dude you need to update super d's site and empires. i left the empire thinkin dave and the empires site migth be updated but no, i asked around and it came down the grapevine that you update them. im currently in cali training for IRAQ, yes the war IN IRAQ, ONCE AGIAN THE WAR IN IRAQ, is where im going. i need updates man on my fav club and dj. the pic need them too. dont care about policys i need pic updates, so does everyone else. biss can be better if you do so do it for the club. Peace. COWBOY WAYNE

Date May 24, 2005
Comments Yeah, a while ago.. she's been on the news constantly. Email me for info.

Date May 24, 2005
Name Ben Cole
Hometown Richmond
Comments We need an update on Amber ... has she had her baby yet?

Date April 29, 2005
Name Flauberto Plastic Artist
e-Mail flaubertocontato (at) yahoo.com
Homepage http://www.flauberto.de
Hometown Berlin, Germany
Comments Flauberto Plastic Artist From Brazil Lives in Berlin Germany.

Date March 7, 2005
Name Mark Hammond
e-Mail cyberoticus (at) yahoo.com
Homepage http://www.cidstudios.com
Hometown Buffalo
Comments Nice job on the site. I want to suggest to anyone who likes psychodelic instrumentals with heavy basslines to check out Indie ElaCid .. here is his site.. www.cidstudios.com keep up the good work.

Date February 24, 2005
e-Mail caroliv.sa (at) netcourrier.com
Hometown travelling europa
Comments hello I really wanna now if someone can give us some information about the mexican rave scene and the free mouvement of tekno in mexico. Please help us to connEct freE PEOPLE. RAVE ON

Date February 8, 2005
Name HarDance
Comments Love the tunes played on SHOUTcast broadcast stream ! VERY very nice selection

Date January 26, 2005
Name DJ Weedman
e-Mail AlbanyAMS (at) aol.com
Homepage http://www.amsentertainment.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY (Now in Albany, NY , 9 Years!)
Comments Hot site! Glad to see the boys are still together! Keep spinnin'. Peace! Weedman....

Date January 18, 2005
Name Charles Michael Laughead
e-Mail claughead (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://www.fusionartistmanagement.com
Hometown Charm City
Comments Fusion Artist Management will help you host the events of your dreams. DJ bookings, Equipment, Design, and all your needs for sucessful parties.

Date January 13, 2005
Name J&S Project
e-Mail cvitaliano (at) email.it
Homepage http://www.jsrecords.com
Hometown naples
Comments Hi friend, your site is very good!! Please listen on site my new release played by James Zabiela Best regards and happy new 2005 from italy

Date January 13, 2005
Name mj
Comments Hola all. Happy new year!

Date January 13, 2005
Name stacie
e-Mail geordiegirl323 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown durham
Comments i dont know what to say sorry

Date January 6, 2005
Name mj
Comments Horrorist - One Night In New York City

Date January 6, 2005
Name trigz
e-Mail makaveliplayer21 (at) aol.com
Hometown uk
Comments I need 2 get hold of a tune its house not sure who its by but i think its called oliver? it has lyrics similar to this, \"i gave her this pill....and then i fuct her allllll night all night\" pls email me or post note if u kno the tune or if it on any album cheers

Date January 2, 2005
Name Aylik Wood
e-Mail churchofthehappy (at) gmail.com
Comments Keep up the great work.

Date January 2, 2005
Name Danielle
e-Mail apple_blossom53 (at) artmailbox.com
Hometown Texas
Comments Wow, I'm the first one to sign!

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